Need to sell your property fast?

We are here to help you, just 4 simple steps

Fast & Certain with no hidden cost!

Facing a sudden need for cash?

Regardless which is your current circumstances, we are here to support you in overcoming challenges and moving forward


Need big sum of money for unexpected event (e.g.: Medical, Business, Education)


Need cash for relocation or no plan to maintain existing property


Divorce Settlement

Bank Repossession

Facing Auction

Inheritance property

To liquidate inheritance property fast

Lost of Job

You are main income source


We are dedicated to assist Malaysian property sellers ensuring a quick & successful sale for cashOur focus is solely on the Malaysian real estate market. 

We offer tailored solution for property owner with diverse objective and work closely with our legal representative to expedite the transaction process. 

 No matter your situation, we’re here to offer support and help you move forward.

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Direct buyer
No Agent fee

We are group of direct investors who buy your property for our own investment portfolio. As direct buyer, we streamline the process, providing you with an efficient transaction without charging any agent fee

Fast & Certain

We will provide our offer within 2 days as long as your property fulfill our due diligence process and a reasonable asking price. The offer is non-binding, allowing you to consider it without any obligation.

No hidden cost

Whatever we agree to pay you will be used to cover any mortgage loan you may have, and the remaining amount is yours to keep.

 You pay no fee to us. Your concern is only on Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) on the profit arising from disposing of your property.

Private & Confidential

We don’t advertise your property publicly as we do not deal with Real Estate Agent. Your property will be transacted privately within our team with our legal representative who work very closely with us to expedite the transaction process.

We provide solutions to sell your property for cash, customized to fit your needs. Trust us for timely and effective results.


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